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Working directly with businesses, marketing agencies, and SEO companies, I research and write blog posts that deliver value to brands’ target customers. Using SEO best practices, I increase organic traffic and convert leads into customers with engaging, high quality content.


Content Strategy

When it comes to content marketing, writing blog posts is just the tip of the iceberg. I work with businesses to develop an end-to-end content strategy that builds topic authority, improves SERP rankings, and entices leads back to your site.


Website Copy

From writing compelling content for your landing page, to crafting the perfect brand story for your ‘About Us’, I create memorable web copy than captures the attention of leads, converts them into customers, and inspires them to become advocates for your brand.

UX/UI Design Content

I work with design studios and branding agencies to enhance UX/UI design mood boards. I create summaries and content communicating the inspiration for each design, relating it back to the brand and including memorable sample headlines, tag-lines, brand values and more.


Branding Decks/Style Guides

Branding style guides are crucial to consistently and effectively communicate your brand’s identity to your customers. I create customer personas, tone-of-voice guidelines, brand personality summaries, brand values, mission and positioning statements, headline and slogan suggestions and more.


Additional Services

I offer a range of supplementary writing services, including writing social media posts, newsletters, emails - as part of email marketing campaigns or not - and CV/resume writing/editing.


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